True belief in an idea doesn't Allow for silence.

Public speaking allows for good story telling to inspire others and provides a forum to share ideas broadly with others. It can be a powerful call to action. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to receive numerous speaking opportunities to discuss my work, design, and creativity in general. Many speeches and presentations later, sharing ideas passionately with others is a true joy of mine.

Public Speaking

Michael McDaniel designed housing for disaster relief zones - inexpensive, easy to transport, even beautiful - but found that no one was willing to build it. Persistent and obsessed, he decided to go it alone.

With a completely fresh take on how to curb growing traffic problems, industrial designers and insatiable problem solvers, Michael McDaniel + Jared Ficklin thoughtfully propose the use of urban cable (like the gondolas you see in the mountains) as an effective, efficient part of a multi-prong mass transit solution.

NFPA keynote
Inspired by the horrific conditions endured by the victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, designer Michael McDaniel cofounded Reaction, a company in Austin, Texas, that manufactures smart and lightweight emergency shelters.

Creative Mornings Austin
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