Marks & Identity

I started my career designing identities for startups in Silicon Valley at Mortensen Design. This is a small sampling of some of the identities and marks that I have created over the years.


identity & Branding

Marks, logotypes and signatures are not brands. They are major pieces of an identity system, but application of these identity systems in a strategic and curated manner across touch points become a brand. If the brand message and application land well with its target audience then a brand evolves into a cult brand for as long as the applications and curation continue to speak well to its audience.


Audio Fusion

Austin based startup that provides a wireless in-ear monitoring system for musicians and venues for drastically less than existing hardware solutions by using your existing devices.


Nobel Labs

Nobel Labs is the recreation of an entity that has not been around for over a century. That meant a brand that could convey its awesome history and heritage without being a slave to it. This same brand had to be modern enough to attract tech savvy employees, yet rugged enough to be appropriate displayed around a rugged mine site. I managed the branding program providing creative direction, organizational input, and vendor management.